About us

As owners and friends of quadruped pets, we find it of paramount importance to ensure their healthy nutrition.

  • Origin (how this all started)

    Beskid Żywiecki, one of the cleanest regions of Poland, with its beautiful forests and pure nature... Daily walks with pets in such beautiful landscapes can make you truly nature-addicted. A human and an animal, an animal and a human – quietness, slow moments, remoteness from the oppressive reality, the beauty of nature.
    This is where the recipe for your pet's longevity and fitness starts...

  • Passion

    We are a group of friends – animal breeders and lovers. Cats and dogs have long assisted us in our daily routines. As owners and friends of quadruped pets, we find it of paramount importance to ensure their healthy nutrition. The recent development of pet market has made us understand that social awareness of animal nutrition has grown rapidly. So have the needs of responsible pet-owners.

  • Idea

    To ensure our animal-friends' longevity and fitness we have striven to give them all the best. This need has made us ask ourselves more and more often: If we select pet food consciously just the same way we select our food, then why would we fail to select good water for our pets just the same way we select it for ourselves?

    We all know what water is. At a first glance water always looks good. Let us however have a deeper insight. Initially we were only about providing water that would not be harmful for our pets. We could not give our pets "human" mineral water because the minerals contained in it are bad for animal kidneys. We are of the opinion that health is most important, and to maintain good health you need to ensure both proper nutrition and hydration. You need water that will help you protect your pets against disease resulting from the intake of chemicals contained in tap water or other water from unknown sources. We also want our pets to be in good shape. So we have focused on the development of a Premium product which would meet our expectations.

    And this is where we arrived at the idea which would work towards the fitness and longevity of both our own pets, as well as of all other quadruped pets in the world...

    Aqua Pro Animale

You are what you drink.
And so is your pet.

Health and life

This crystal-pure natural spring water is an ideal supplement for your dog's or cat's diet. Aqua Pro Minerale is derived from the "Ceretnik" mountain fissure spring which is located in one of the cleanest regions of Poland, i.e. in the heart of the Beskid Żywiecki forest. Aqua Pro Animale is ideal for any pet. It does not harm your pet's kidneys, and it tastes great. Dog water has been enriched with acerola fruit which boosts your dog's immunity. Cat water has been enriched with taurine which supports your cat's growth and nervous system, as well as heart and vision. Drinking water is of paramount importance to ensure healthy life and well-being. There is no life without water. Aqua Pro Animale, water enriched with ingredients that boost your pet's heath, is an ideal and comprehensive nutrition product.

Dog water

Spring water for dogs


Cat water

Spring water for cats



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