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Water accounts for approximately 70% of a dog's body weight. Water is the most important nutrient. Dogs can survive when deprived up to 50% of their protein mass and nearly 100% of fat, whereas as little as a 15% water loss can result in a dog's death. And this is why water needs to be constantly supplemented. A dog should drink about 20 – 50 ml of water per day per each kilogram of its body weight.

Have you ever considered how much time it takes you to select the right food for your dog? Although you analyse its needs in terms of breed, age and size, your early choices rarely happen to be the optimum products for your pet. So you keep seeking. And finally you get it! You are a happy owner of a well-fed dog, and you are convinced that you have given your pet the best possible nutritional value. Are you certain? You have done your best to ensure your dog's best possible nutrition but have you ensured is proper hydration?

Why acerola? What are the benefits?

Why acerola?

Brazilian acerola fruit is the source of your dog's immunity.

Aqua Pro Animale with acerola is a mountain spring water enriched with an extract from the Brazilian acerola fruit (Malpighia Glabara). Acerola is nature's best source of fully absorbed and 100% natural vitamin C. It also contains B vitamins, provitamin A, as well as Calcium, Iron and Phosphorus. A 4.5 g acerola fruit contains as much Vitamin C as a kilogram of lemons. Vitamin C boosts your pet's immunity, and strengthens and seals its blood vessels. Moreover, it is a powerful anti-oxidant and has anti-cancer properties. Additionally, acerola supports your pet's heart, liver and kidneys. It improves vision and has anti-inflammatory, astringent and anti-aging properties.

Available in
0.5 l and 1.5 l bottles

What are the benefits?

Aqua Pro Animale will keep your dog well hydrated and not only un-thirsty

  • developed especially for petsdeliberately selected additives guarantee adequate hydration according to the needs of each pet
  • recommended by veterinary doctorsspecialists who take care of our pets' health recommend ensuring daily water balance – water not only quenches your pet's thirst but also hydrates its body properly
  • microbiologically testeda number of tests have resulted in an ideal recipe for water which supplements your pet's diet with vital nutrients
  • reduces the incidence of urolithiasispure spring water, free of excessive levels of minerals, helps pets live long and healthy lives
  • everyday usea handy bottle for easy storage and daily dosage of the right water intake
  • Chlorine-freeno harmful or carcinogenic compounds – pure water for your pet's healthy diet

You are what you drink.
And so is your pet.

By serving Aqua Pro Animale to your pet you not only eliminate the threats posed by harmful substances contained in tap water but also help it enjoy a healthy life for a longer time.


The heart of Żywiec Beskids woods.

Aqua Pro Animale springs from one of the cleanest regions of Poland – from the heart of Beskid Żywiecki forests. The purest and healthiest water for pets, Aqua Pro Minerale is derived from the "Ceretnik" fissure spring. This is where wild animals take their strength and vitality from.

Acerola 7,5 mg/l

In 1 dm3 of water marked:

mg/dm3 mwale mwal %
NH4 + < 0,05 - -
Li + < 0,01 - -
Na + 5,00 0,22 8,59
+ 1,70 0,04 1,56
Ca 2+ 38,08 1,90 74,22
Mg 2+ 4,86 0,40 15,63
Fe 2+/3+ 0,05 0 -
Ba 2+ < 0,10
Mn 2+ < 0,01
Al 3+ < 0,01
Cu 2+ < 0,01
Ni 2+ < 0,01
Zn 2+ < 0,01
Cd 2+ < 0,003
Pb 2+ < 0,01
Cr 3+/6+ < 0,01
Hg 2+ < 0,001
Se 2+ < 0,01
As 3+/5+ < 0,01
Sb 3+/5+ < 0,005
49,69 2,56 100
- 0,04 0 -
Cl - 3,50 0,10 3,97
Br - < 0,05
- < 0,02
HCO3 - 123,70 2,03 80,56
SO4 2- 17,90 0,37 14,68
NO2 - < 0,005
NO3 - 1,24 0,02 0,79
CN - < 0,01
146,38 2,52 100
Undissociated ingredients HBO2 < 0,50
H0SiO3 6,95
CO2 < 1,00
H2S + HS- < 1,00
203,02 mg/dm3

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